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Name Kipling
Actor Dean Armstrong
Dates 12–13th century (human life)
???? – 2018 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Location Detroit, Michigan
Occupation Demon
Episode(s) 14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land


Kipling, aka Kip, was a demon who sought to become the next King of Hell after the demise of Crowley and Asmodeus. Kipling has been a demon for over 600 years and claimed to have rode with Genghis Khan when he was human. Kipling was also fond of black coffee; while the drink had no effect on him, he compared it to salt water taffy and infants, stating that he just liked how it tasted.


14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land

Kipling meets with Castiel at a bar, after ordering himself coffee and a Texas Trinity, and a water for Castiel. As the two begin discussing why Castiel called to meet, Castiel reveals that Dean Winchester has gone missing, and demands any information Kipling may have on Dean's whereabouts. Kipling refuses to answer unless given incentive, and Castiel threatens to burn him to ash where he sits unless he cooperates. Unfazed, Kipling makes a gesture and all of the patrons in the bar reveal that they have been possessed by demons. They proceed to beat Castiel into submission.

With Castiel restrained, Kipling places a call to Sam Winchester. When Sam arrives, Kipling shows Sam that his demons have also captured Jack and Maggie. Sam asks Kipling what he wants. He tells Sam that with Lucifer, Crowley, and Asmodeus dead, there is a power vacuum in Hell. Kipling wants to declare himself king and strike the same deal Crowley had -- in exchange for occasional aid and information, the Winchesters turn their heads away from the demon-on-demon violence and crossroads deals. Sam refuses the deal, saying he never had that agreement with Crowley. Kip gives Sam one last chance to agree, threatening to kill him and his friends, but Sam remains steadfast. Kip and the other demons are soon caught off-guard by Bobby and Mary bursting through the front doors firing their weapons. As a brawl ensues in the bar, Kipling and Sam face off. When Kipling gets the upper hand and a hold of the demon-killing knife, Sam is able to surprise Kip, and force the knife into Kip's chest, killing him.


  • It is implied that Kipling got the idea to become King of Hell from a meeting with Michael, as he tells Castiel he thought long and hard about it after someone asked him what it was that he wanted, much like Michael had done with Jamil and Sister Jo in the episode.
  • Due to the significant height difference between Kipling and Sam Winchester, Kipling was nicknamed "tiny demon" by some fans.