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Official Royal Portrait by Victor Studio Photography
Front and back of a Jensen Ackles commemorative doubloon from the Krewe of Bacchus via @MoviegoerMike

In January 2019 it was announced that Jensen would reign as 51st King of Bacchus on 3 March with the New Orleans krewe for its 2019 Mardi Gras Carnival parade. The theme of this years krew is "Starring Louisiana" celebrating films and TV shows shot or set in Louisiana. The Krewe of Bacchus was founded in 1968 by restauranter Owen "Pip" Brennan Jr. and has grown to be one of the biggest parades in New Orleans.previous Bacchus kings include Bob Hope; Henry Winkler; Ron Howard; William Shatner; Harry Connick Jr.; Nicolas Cage; Michael Keaton; Andy Garcia; Will Ferrell; Anthony Mackie; and J.K. Simmons.

Jensen reported that he had to be written out of part of the episode being filmed - 14.18 Absence - to fit in the parade and trip to New Orleans.

Jim Michaels tweeted a photo showing Jensen was welcomed back to the set with a picture of himself in full regalia and "Hail to the King" on his trailer door. Jim Beaver tweeted "We spent an extra hour relighting the set this morning because @JensenAckles won’t take off what he calls “my sparkly suit.”



Children's Hospital visit

Coronation Night

The Parade

Jensen gets a Royal welcome back to set