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Kevin Wise with Jensen and Jared in Chicago 2007. Photo by Kimber007
Jensen and Jared finally get the real coins, presented by Jim Beaver

Kevin Wise aka Keavin Lawdermilk is the fake Special Forces Soldier Master Sergeant, who gave Jensen and Jared Honorary Special Forces coins and a letter of appreciation at the Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2007.

Apparently, he also scammed the Lord of the Rings fandom and Sean Astin (who has a history of trusting the wrong people, e.g. Victoria Bitter). Source

In April 2008, the Supernatural Charity group Fandom Rocks, obtained permission to get two real Special Forces coins to Jared and Jensen. They were presented to them by Jim Beaver, who was himself a Marine.

Jared mentions this incident in his chapter in Family Don't End With Blood.


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