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Name Kelvin
Actor Nathan Mitchell
Dates Before humanity - 2017 (killed by Dagon)
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 12.15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
12.19 The Future

You ever miss it? Upstairs? I mean, don't get me wrong. I love Earth. It's quirky. It smells like hay. But it's not home, is it?

– Kelvin, 12.15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell


Kelvin was an angel who approached Castiel about helping Heaven track down the unborn Nephilim child of Lucifer and Kelly Kline.


12.15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

As Castiel is returning to his truck, he finds Kelvin waiting for him. When Castiel questions why he is waiting for him, he replies that he is also on the search for Kelly Kline. They sit at a diner and discuss the goings-on in Heaven and the impending birth of Lucifer's child. He tells Castiel that with the Nephilim coming, they need all hands on deck in Heaven, including Castiel, and he has come to recruit him. Seeing Castiel's apprehension, Kelvin asks if he misses Heaven. He acknowledges that a lot of angels still hold grudges for all of the things Castiel has done, but says that all his past sins can be forgiven and he can be welcomed back into Heaven with the blessing of Joshua if he helps track down Kelly Kline. He asks Castiel to at least hear Joshua's plan out before making a decision.

Kelvin is given a taste of Dagon's power.

The two eventually make their way to the playground that holds the portal to Heaven.

12.19 The Future

With Castiel having stolen the Colt from Sam and Dean, Kelvin and another angel, Hozai, meet Castiel at Kelly and Dagon's location. As they enter the house, the trio attempt to ambush Dagon, only to have her appear in front of Hozai and kill him. As Castiel misses his shot on Dagon, Kelvin tells him to find Kelly Kline while he holds off Dagon. As their fight ensues, Dagon gets the upper hand and renders Kelvin unconscious. Chained to a chair, Kelvin is then slowly tortured for information. When he refuses and insults Dagon, she shows him the power she has thanks to Lucifer. Under duress, Kelvin reveals the location of the portal to Heaven, and is soon after killed by Dagon. Castiel is later able to use the Nephilim's powers to kill Dagon, avenging Kelvin's death.