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Name Katja
Actor Lesley Nicol
Dates  ???? – 2015 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Pendleton, Oregon
Occupation Witch
Episode(s) 10.12 About a Boy


Katja was a member of the Grand Coven, and the wicked witch in the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, "Hansel and Gretel." While based on a true story, the ending was far less happier as Katja survived her encounter with Hansel and Gretel, and forced them to become her servants, kidnapping children for her to eat. When simply taking children turned out to be more difficult in modern times, Katja employed Hansel to transform adults into children, so she could go on feasting without trouble.


10.12 About a Boy

In her kitchen, Katja is chopping onions at the kitchen table while Tina is tied to the chair with a gag in her mouth, watching her. The witch throws the onions in a very large pot of boiling soup that has other vegetables in it as well as pieces of JP. Katja takes the ladle and spoons out some soup with bones in it, slurps it and remarks how "wundabar" it tastes. She turns around and looks at a terrified Tina, and tells her she is too good for soup, and proceeds to feed firewood into her large walk in oven. Hansel soon walks in with Sam and Dean, who have their guns drawn on Katja. As Dean prepares a molotov of witch-killing brew, Katja reveals that Hansel is working with her of his own accord. Sam and Dean realize that Hansel has lied to them, but before they can act Hansel attacks the pair. With a word, Katja sends the molotov flying from Dean's hand, smashing on the wall behind him. This forces Dean to surrender and get on the ground next to his brother.

Katja walks up to Dean and feels his arm, remarking how scrawny he is and that they need to fatten him up. She goes on to tell the brothers how hard it's become to kidnap children these days, and how she had to improvise by turning adults no one would notice into children to eat in peace. Katja reveals that she is in the U.S. on Grand Coven business, which Dean surmises is in regards to Rowena, to Katja's surprise. Sam springs up and punches Hansel in the face, knocking him to the ground, prompting Dean to tackle him. Katja attacks Sam with the knife, but Sam knocks it out of her hand. She in return knocks his knife out of Sam’s hand. She then uses her power to throw him against the bookcase. Dean is still on top of Hansel when he elbows Dean in the face, knocking him off of him. Hansel gets on top of Dean and bangs his body repeatedly on the ground. Katja opens the fiery oven, just as Hansel throws Dean up against the side of the refrigerator. Katja orders Hansel to turn Sam, however when he turns around he notices his hex bag is missing. He turns around and Dean is holding it by its string. Dean grabs it and the whole room is illuminated in a bright light, turning Dean back into an adult. He grabs a knife and plunges it through Hansel's chest. He then stomps over to Katja holding the hex bag, and forcefully stuffs the hex bag in her mouth, and begins pushing her into the oven, closing the door and watching her burn. As Katja screams and bangs on the iron door in agony, Dean locks it shut and closes the vent on the door.