Kate (Vampire)

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Name Kate
Actor Anne Openshaw
Occupation Vampire
Episode(s) 1.20 Dead Man's Blood


Kate is a vampire and the mate of Luther.


1.20 Dead Man's Blood

When Kate and her hunting pack enter a bar, Daniel Elkins is able to recognize her and quickly rushes to his home. However Kate was able to notice him and tracks him down, and has the other vampires with her kill Elkins. When the pack returns to the nest, Kate tells Luther about finding and killing Elkins, Luther tells she shouldn't have done what she did, as it could bring other hunters down on them. Kate apologizes and shows him the Colt. As Luther and Kate are about to have sex, they notice the female victim that Kate and the others abducted watching them, Luther cuts Kate's arm with his knife, she then sucks the blood from the wound and goes to Jenny and begins kissing her and forcing blood into her mouth as Luther watches he welcomes her to the family.

Kate is captured by the Winchesters and is to be traded to Luther for the Colt. She manages to break free only to see, Luther shot and killed. She escapes with Jenny. They are the only survivors as Sam and Dean took down the other members of her nest with dead man's blood during the confrontation.

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