Joy Meyers

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Name Joy Meyers
Actor Eve Gordon
Dates  ???? – 2013 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Grantsburg, Wisconsin
Occupation Pureblood Werewolf
Episode(s) 9.12 Sharp Teeth


Joy Meyers is a fourth-generation pureblood werewolf, wife of Reverend Jim Meyers, and step-mother to Bess Fitzgerald. She was also the leader of a sect of the Maw of Fenris along with Sheriff Pat, and her cousins, Joba and Russ. Joy was a fourth-generation werewolf.


9.12 Sharp Teeth

When Garth invites Dean to have dinner with his new family, Joy greets and welcomes him into her and Reverend Jim Meyers' home, and assures Dean he is safe under her roof.

Sometime later, Joy has had Russ and Joba kidnap Garth, Bess and Sam and hide them in the barn. Joy begins explaining her actions, that she is the last of her bloodline since her brother Charlie was killed by a hunter the prior winter. After his death, she rejected the idea of co-existence between humans and lycanthropes. By making it seem like Sam and Dean killed Bess and Garth, Joy plans to use her husband to start Ragnarök through his anger and grief. Just as Joy is about to kill Bess, Sam stretches his leg out enough to kick the gun out of her hand, which forces Joy into transforming. Just as she is about to attack Sam, Dean arrives having masked his scent wearing Russ' coat, a small fight with Joba ensues and Dean stabs him in the heart. Dean and Joy both dive for their guns and draw them on each other. But Dean is faster and shoots Joy in the chest, killing her.