Jordan MacNeel

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Name Jordan MacNeel
Actor N/A
Dates  ???? – 2018 (spirit laid to rest by Sam Winchester)
Location Salem, Ohio
Occupation Ghost
Episode(s) 14.04 Mint Condition


Jordan MacNeel was the owner of Smash! Pow! Collectibles in Salem, Ohio. He had taken his employees Samantha Juarez, Dirk Winchell, and Stuart Blake under his wing and taught them everything he knew about comics and gaming. He fired Stuart due to his persistent thefts from the store. When Jordan died of cancer, he left the store to Samantha and Dirk.

After his death, Jordan's spirit becomes tethered to a Batman keychain used for the store's keys.


Jordan's spirit as Hatchet Man.

14.04 Mint Condition

Due to Stuart Blake's continued theft of items in the store, Jordan possesses a Panthro figure that Stuart had just stolen from the shop and viciously beats him with it.

After Sam and Dean and Stuart's mother leave the house, Jordan attacks Stuart once again, using a chainsaw to severely injure him. When Dean goes to investigate, Jordan throws the chainsaw at Dean as a warning, narrowly missing him.

Jordan's spirit is laid to rest.

After learning that Stuart survived his attack after Stuart's mother returns the keys to the comic shop, Jordan possesses the life-size mannequin of Hatchet Man, knocking Sam unconscious and taking the shop's keys before heading for the hospital to finish off Stuart. As he walks down the streets, no one minds as they are trick or treating and believe he's merely wearing a halloween costume. Learning they are dealing with a ghost, Dean puts Stuart and Dirk Winchell in a ring of salt while he hunts for Jordan. However, when Jordan's ghostly presence scares Dirk out of the room, he leaves the salt ring.

In the hallways, Dirk and Stuart's mother both come face to face with Jordan in the Hatchet Man mannequin. He tells Jordan that Stuart is their friend and if he wants him, he will have to go through him. Jordan turns his attention to Dirk and begins pursuing him through the hospital into the morgue, where a fight ensues with Dean Winchester. As Jordan is about to kill Dean, Sam and Samantha Juarez arrive and burn the Batman keychain, laying Jordan to rest.

After the Winchesters have left, the lights in the morgue flicker and the Hatchet Man says his catchphrase, suggesting that Jordan's ghost is not really gone after all.