Jonah Greely

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Jonah Greely.jpg
Name Jonah Greely
Actor Winston Rekert
Dates  ???? - 1993
1993 - 2007 (spirit laid to rest by Sam Winchester)
Location Highway 41, Nevada
Occupation Vengeful Spirit
Episode(s) 2.16 Roadkill


Fifteen years ago Jonah Greely was hit and killed by Molly McNamara and her husband David on Highway 41 in Nevada. His wife was so distraught that she killed herself. Each year on the anniversary of his death, Jonah finds another car driver to kill.

As Sam and Dean search for Greely's corpse, Jonah's ghost grabs Molly and starts to torture her. Greely is dispatched when Sam works out that his wife planted a tree as a grave marker, and salts and burns his corpse.