Joe White Tree

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Joe white tree.jpg
Name Joe White Tree
Actor Jimmy Herman
Location Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Episode(s) 1.08 Bugs


Joe White Tree is a member of the Euchee Tribe. He tells Sam and Dean that there is a story that the tribe that lived in Oasis Plains was slaughtered by the cavalry over six days, and as the chief of the tribe lay dying, he cursed the land.


1.08 Bugs

After finding some old bones, Sam and Dean are directed by a college professor to seek out the Euchee Tribe in Sapulpa to find answers. Once in Sapulpa, Sam and Dean are directed to a diner where they meet with Joe White Tree, who quickly sees through Dean's lie about the brothers being students from the university; though he is happy speak with Sam, who he sees as truthful. When Sam asks about the history behind Atoka Valley, Joe tells the brothers a story that has been passed down through his family about how 200 years ago an American Calvary showed up to Atoka Valley to relocate the Euchee Tribe, when the tribe was resistant to being relocated, the Calvary spent the next six days murdering and raping any natives still in the village, and that with his dying breath the village chief cursed he land his people died on.