Joe Johnson

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Name Joe Johnson
Actor Steve Belford
Location Montana
Episode(s) 10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls


Joe Johnson is the husband of Caroline Johnson – the vessel for the angel Hannah.


10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

Since his wife Caroline had been possessed by the angel Hannah, Joe spent the year desperately trying to track down his wife. He had put an alert on her credit cards to be notified of their use, and eventually is able track Hannah and Castiel to motel where he confronts Caroline/Hannah about what happened to her. When Joe demands to know what happened with his wife, Hannah refuses to tell him, saying that he "wouldn't understand." Joe then insists that he will not be going anywhere until she gives him an answer, as he sits on the bed in the motel room, Castiel arrives wondering what is taking Hannah so long. Hannah then tells Joe, that she left him for Castiel. Though Joe doesn't believe her, Hannah then kisses a surprised Cas. Hannah apologizes to Joe, and leaves.

After Hannah voluntarily leaves Caroline's body, Castiel returns Caroline to her husband. Joe and Caroline embrace each other, and walk into their home together.