Jimmy Day

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Jimmy Day Vamp.jpg
Name Jimmy Day
Actor Paul Batten
Dates  ???? - 2013 (killed by Josephine Barnes)
Location Conway Springs, Kansas
Occupation Soldier
Episode(s) 8.18 Freaks and Geeks


Jimmy is a Conway Springs local, who has just returned from Afghanistan. He was turned into a vampire by Seth.


8.18 Freaks and Geeks

Seth kidnaps a local woman Corrine, and ties her up in a hotel room. Seth brings Jimmy Day there to feed, however he doesn't want to. Victor Rogers has convinced Krissy, Aiden and Josephine that Jimmy is the vampire who killed Josephine's mother, brother and sister. They have tracked him via an ATM photo to the motel.

Krissy checks into a motel, bribing the clerk to accept her fake ID. Krissy watches through a camera worn by Aiden as he and Josephine travel to Jimmy's motel room. When two men break in, Krissy holds them at gunpoint and is shocked to see that it is Sam and Dean and that they tracked her down. Seeing that Aiden and Josephine are in trouble, Krissy, Sam and Dean rush to their aid and when Jimmy runs, Krissy takes him down with a dart loaded with dead man's blood.

Jimmy claims to be innocent and not know what's going on and Krissy stops Dean from killing him. When Josephine accuses Jimmy of killing her family, Jimmy protests his innocence but Josephine kills him.