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Jim Michaels

Co-executive Producer of Supernatural. Jim came on board running the production in Vancouver at the beginning of Season 5, in the role previously filled by Kim Manners for Seasons 1-4 and by Vladimir Stefoff briefly in Season 4. He is a member of the crew band The Impalas.

Jim on what his job entails:

I spend the majority of my time prepping the upcoming episode with our directors, while keeping an eye on the shooting crew. My days are very busy scouting locations, casting, budget meetings, departmental meetings, working with our first class publicity department, etc. My typical day starts with the crew call and ends with the wrap. The hours are long, but you have to love it to keep doing it.source

During Season 7, Jim joined Twitter, and actively engages with fandom. Jim was named as one of the Top 20 Showrunners on Twitter by TV Guide in 2012. Jim often live-tweets during episodes (see below for summaries of these tweets).

6.15 The French Mistake

Garwin Sanford as Jim Michaels

Jim is played by: Garwin Sanford

After Sam and Dean's altercation with Virgil, Jim is on a conference call with Sera Gamble, Bob Singer, and Kevin Parks. They discuss the situation, and Bob tells Sera that Jared and Jensen appear to be on an extended acid trip. Sera offers to fly up to Vancouver and talk to them, but Jim says that he's not sure Jared or Jensen know who Sera is, because "she's new." Bob then tells her that it would be better if Eric Kripke talked to them, since he created the show. Sera is angered by the suggestion, and tells them that Eric is in a cabin somewhere and busy writing his next pilot for a movie called "Octocobra."

Jim in Fandom

Convention Appearances

Jim on Twitter


Jim with Jensen at the Directors Guild of America Howard Koch Golf Tournament 29 June 2011
Jim's office - note the duck and the Twitter page on his laptop Nov 2011