Jesse Turner

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Name Jesse Turner
Actor Gattlin Griffith
Dates March 29, 1998 (born)
Location Omaha, Nebraska (formerly)
Alliance, Nebraska (formerly)
Occupation Antichrist or Cambion
Episode(s) 5.06 I Believe the Children Are Our Future


Jesse was conceived and born while his mother, Julia Wright, was possessed by a demon. It should be noted however, that how he was conceived is still unclear as Jesse is apparently unique or at least not easily replicated, and possessions do not usually cause pregnancies. It should also be noted that Jesse, as the Antichrist or cambion, is not the son of Lucifer. As explained by Castiel, he is simply the spawn of a human and a demon.


Powers and abilities

As the offspring of a demon and human, Jesse Turner has formidable abilities. According to Castiel, Jesse can destroy the Host of Heaven with a single word.

  • Exorcism – He was able to mentally force his demonic father out of his human mother with a glare.
  • Reality warping – Jesse can easily alter reality and warp the fundamentals of logic and what is natural. Without being aware that he was doing it, he caused the world within a two-mile radius of his house to fall victim to various childish superstitions because he believed them to be real, such as a girl scratching her brains out just by using itching power, the tooth fairy became real because Jesse believed in him, a boy's face become stuck in a particular expression, and toy buzzers were capable of electrocuting people. During a state of panic, Jesse was able to transform angel Castiel into an action figure.
  • Telekinesis – Jesse can move objects and people with his mind.
    • Biokinesis – Jesse was able to immobilize and silence a demon with a simple command.
    • Terrakinesis – Just by clenching his fists Jesse was able to create minor tremors.
  • Teleportation – Jesse can instantly appear anywhere on Earth with just a thought.
  • Warding – Jesse is capable of hiding himself from angels, demons and humans unless he wants to be found.



5.06 I Believe the Children Are Our Future

After investigating Jesse's history and finding demonic involvement, Dean and Sam Winchester call Castiel in for help. Castiel explains to them that the chaos Jesse has been causing is nothing compared to what it could be if he were to get angry. He then reveals that as the Antichrist, Jesse is destined to align with Lucifer and, "with a word," destroy The Host of Heaven. Refusing to allow such a risk, Castiel resolves himself to kill Jesse, with or without the brothers' consent or help. Before he could be killed, Jesse instinctively transforms the angel into a action-figure-sized version of himself.

In the moments that follow, Dean and Sam arrive and tell Jesse that he is a superhero and they are going to train him in an X-Men-esque fashion. Julia interrupts while possessed by Jesse's demonic parent; she tells him the brothers are lying and that his whole life has been a lie, which angers him. She promises to show him a world without lies.

Sam admits to lying to Jesse and promises to tell the truth -- when Julia tries to stop him, Jesse intervenes by releasing Sam and immobilizing her so he can hear Sam out. Jesse is overwhelmed by the fact he's half-demon but Sam reminds him that he is still half-human and thus can still be good. Jesse promptly exorcises the demon from Julia.

Later, Jesse asks the Winchester what he should do and they tell him it's his choice. He asks to bring his parents with him and they tell him he can but it would put them in danger because both angels and demons will be trying to find him. He says he's going to say goodbye to his parents but instead writes them a letter and repairs the damage he caused around town (except for the dead). He glances at a poster showing Australia on his wall, and vanishes.


Dean: Trust me. Where you want to be is Australia. It's far away, and nothing but beaches, babes... the anti-Christ. Long story -- forget it.