Jesse Cuevas

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Name Jesse Cuevas
Actor Lee Rumohr
Dates 1977 (born)
Location New Mexico
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 11.19 The Chitters


Jesse and his older brother Matty grew up in Gunnerson, Colorado. Matty was concerned for Jesse growing up as a gay kid in a town where he would be subject to bullying and abuse. The two were very close, and were planning to leave the town when Matty turned 18 and move to California. In 1989, Jesse's older brother was taken by a bisaan while the two were walking through the woods to go fishing. No one believed Jesse when he told them something took Matty, and so he spent the next twenty-seven years trying to find out what took his brother. Along the way he meets a hunter named Cesar Cuevas, the two form a partnership and eventually marry. The two hunted predominantly in Mexico and Texas. They had purchased a property in New Mexico, and made a pact to retire once they had killed the monster that took Matty. The two return to Jesse's hometown in Gunnerson, Colorado in 2016 when the new bisaan mating cycle begins.


11.19 The Chitters