Jeremy Frost

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Name Jeremy Frost
Actor G. Michael Gray
Dates December 16, 1968 - 2008 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Episode(s) 3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me


Jeremy Frost is a young man who hasn't dreamt in years after his abusive father hit his head with a baseball bat. Dr. Gregg, a doctor specializing in sleep disorders, prescribes him African Dream Root tea to bring back his dreams and help him relax during the night. Jeremy indeed has vivid dreams, but also realizes that with the dream root, he has the power to enter other people's dreams and control them. He enters the sleeping mind of his doctor and keeps him locked up in his nightmares until death.


3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me

When Bobby Singer investigates the death of Dr. Gregg, Jeremy enters Bobby's dreams and confronts him with his dead wife. Sam and Dean come to help Bobby, but when Dean accepts a beer from Jeremy (a mistake Bobby made before), he too becomes a victim of Jeremy's.

When Jeremy confronts Sam inside Dean's dream, Sam takes control of the dream and conjures Jeremy's father. Sam figured that, like Jeremy, he had taken the African Dream Root, and thus also had the same power to control the outcome of the dreams. While Jeremy was distracted by his father's appearance, Sam swings the bat at Jeremy. Sam kills him in the dream, which also kills him in real life.