Jemma Verson

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Name Jemma Verson
Actor Michelle Morgan
Location Fayetteville, North Carolina
Episode(s) 10.15 The Things They Carried


Jemma Verson was the wife of Kit Verson. After reading about the strange death of Private Jacki Prescott, Sam and Dean head to Fayetteville, North Carolina where the learn the suspect -- Rick Willis -- killed himself by setting himself on fire. While questioning his widow, the Winchesters are directed towards Jemma Verson, who Beth Willis says is going through is similar situation with her husband as she did with Rick.


Jemma and Kit Verson on their wedding day.

10.15 The Things They Carried

When Sam and Dean visit Jemma, in an attempt to talk with her husband Kit, she tells them that he left late the previous night, telling it takes him to become re-acclimated after a deployment. Later that night, after Kit has killed a Gas-n-Sip clerk, Jemma places a call to Cole to find out if it was Kit that committed the murder, and pleads with Cole to save him. She tells Cole that Kit would go to his dad's old cabin to be alone sometimes, and that he should check there for him.

After Cole is infected with a Khan worm, Dean stays at the cabin with him while Sam goes on the search for Kit, deciding to check out his home first. As Jemma is walking through the house, she sees flowers strewn across the floor, and eventually goes upon Kit sitting in their living room, drinking from a flower vase. Jemma tries to talk Kit down, but he attacks her and attempts to infected, when Sam arrives and smashes a vase over Kit's head. While Sam tries to explain to Jemma that Kit has been infected by a monster, the restrained Kit is able to free himself, as Sam and Jemma search the house for him. Kit attacks Jemma, throwing her to the ground before going after the Sam; Kit is able to take Sam down, knocking the gun from his hand, as Kit straddles Sam, strangling him the two attempt to reach for the lose gun. Sam is able to get it first, and shoots Kit in the head, killing him. Jemma is last seen cradling her dead husband in her arms. According to Cole the story Jemma has given to the authorities as to what happened revolves around self-defense; Kit went crazy, attempted to kill her, so she shot him.