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Name Unknown
Actor Russell Sams
Jeffrey Ballard
Dates  ???? – 2008 (exorcised by Dean Winchester)
2012 (exorcised by Nora Havelock)
Location Hell
Occupation Demon
Episode(s) 7.15 Repo Man

I talent scout. That's all. Looking for the next generation of superstars. Before they get to Hell, like Jeffrey here.

– Jeffrey's Demon, 7.15 Repo Man


This unnamed demon searched for people that had psychopathic tendencies. Four years before the events of 7.15 Repo Man, it possessed Jeffrey and allowed him to express his desires and become a serial killer.

Jeffrey!Demon describes himself as a talent scout who seeks out individuals with latent evil in their hearts and helps them to embrace and express it. The desired result of this is to prepare them for Hell so that they can become demons faster. Whether or not this was a job assigned to him or a personal hobby is unknown. When asked if he would do the same with Nora's son, the demon said that he saw very little to work with and decided to "burn this body out" on his way to Vegas.


7.15 Repo Man

The demon started murdering the women on Jeffrey's "list" and removing various organs from their bodies Jack the Ripper style, before being tracked down and captured by Sam and Dean with help from a Wiccan, Nora Havelock. Sam and Dean were hunting down Lilith at the time and interrogated the demon for information on her lieutenants.

The demon released control for a few minutes, allowing the Winchesters to ask for Jeffrey's permission to torture him. Pretending to be innocent, Jeffrey told them to do whatever it took to stop the demon from killing again. Sam and Dean tortured Jeffrey!Demon into revealing the name of a higher-up demon named Merrick. After hearing that they can find him in New Orleans, Dean exorcised him and Dean dropped a severely beaten Jeffrey off at the hospital.

Four years later, however, Jeffrey kidnapped Nora's son and Dean and summoned the demon back, since he had actually liked being possessed and had been given the guts to become a murderer. The real Jeffrey used sedatives to overpower his victims. Hallucifer points this out to Sam, reasoning that a demon would be more than strong enough to commit the murders without drugs.

The demon, however, chose to possess Nora's son instead. Jeffrey!Demon congratulated him on realizing his potential but refused to possess him again, much to Jeffrey's dismay. Dean broke free and attacked the demon, but was overpowered. Sam appeared in time to save Dean by drawing the demon into a devil's trap. When Jeffery realized that the demon doesn't want to possess him again, he tries to kill him with Ruby's Knife, but Dean shoots him, killing him and sending him to Hell. Nora then Exorcised the demon, saving her son. His last words are "He'll be back, you know? Back in Black."