Jared Appreciation Award

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Jaredwithappreciation award.png

A group of fans, including Jaclyn and Kaye, decided in April 2011 to buy an award for Jared as we have this feeling that somehow we owe him, every poll we win is for Jensen or just for Supernatural. So...

  • Winchester Bros website set up an account to receive messages from everyone, explaining why they think he deserves the award. They then had all of the messages put together in a nice journal that they will attach to the award. The journal was made by http://fanmade-cards.livejournal.com/ .

  • Support Supernatural will help contacting the shops to find the best possible award and spreading the idea on twitter and mailing.

  • The messages and award were presented to Jared at the Salute to Supernatural Nashville 2011 Convention. When presented with the award, he said that "this kicks ass!" He was then given the journal with over 400 messages from fans around the world and he said that his fans make him feel like a billion dollars.