James Frampton

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James Frampton.png
Name James Frampton
Actor Christian Campbell
Occupation Detective (formerly)
Episode(s) 8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits


James is a cop who worked on a case involving the supernatural with Sam and Dean at some point in the past. Afterwards, he became interested in the occult and became a witch, using it to help him in his job. This made James very successful to the point where he got promoted to lieutenant at the youngest age in the history of the department and a detective very fast. When he became a witch, he got a familiar named Portia who he fell in love with against the rules and started a sexual relationship with.


8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits

James starts to get dreams where he brutally murders innocent people and finds bloodstained clothing in his garbage the next morning, making him think that he committed the murders. As a result, he blocks his bond with Portia and stops their relationship, worried about what he is doing.

Not sure of what to do, James asks his friend Spencer for advice and Spencer reminds him that being a cop and a witch usually don't go together. James is annoyed when Portia calls in Sam and Dean as he's afraid of what they'll do to him, but agrees to let them investigate the murders which Portia is sure he is innocent of. To this end, he agrees to let Sam and Dean chain him to the bed so he can't harm anyone.

Even though Portia tells him that they can just pretend to have chained him up, James decides to be chained anyway in an attempt to prove his innocence and has sex with Portia. During the sex, he opens his mind to her and she sees his dreams of the murders. When Sam and Dean arrive to kill him after all the evidence points to him as the murderer, Portia saves him by explaining that all James remembers is the murders and doesn't remember preparing for them or any motive for them, indicating that he is innocent.

After Sam and Dean discover that there is a spell that a witch can use to implant a false memory in another witch's mind and that Ed Stoltz seems to be hiding something important about the case, James decides to use astral projection to visit the police station and find out what it is. Bringing Sam and Dean with him, James discovers that Ed is building a case against him based on Spencer's familiar Phillippe LeChat's eyewitness testimony that he did it. James realizes that Ed has a grudge against him for taking a major case away from him, one that made James' career and goes to interrogate Phillippe after throwing Sam and Dean across the room and telling Portia that she is no longer his familiar.

At the witch bar, James interrogates Phillippe who tells him that he did what he did on Spencer's orders. Spencer kills Phillippe and reveals to a stunned James that he is ruining James' life as revenge for him getting Portia as his familiar and lover like Spencer wanted for himself. Enraged, James engages Spencer in a magical fight, but is no match for his former friend who suspends him in mid-air and causes him great pain despite Sam and Dean's attempts to intervene. However, Portia attacks Spencer, freeing James, and Sam and Dean kill Spencer with a witch-killing spell.

Afterwards, James decides to leave town as Ed is building too good a case against him and the witch community in St. Louis has never accepted him and Portia. James and Portia then drive away to start a new life together.