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Name Jael
Actor Kara Royster
Billy Wickman
Kim Rhodes
Dates  ???? – 1997 (exorcised by Asa Fox)
2001 - 2016 (exorcised by Sam, Dean, Alicia Banes, Max Banes and Mary Winchester)
Location Hell
Occupation Crossroads Demon
Episode(s) 12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox


Jael is a crossroads demon known for hanging his victims. In 1997 Jael crossed paths with the hunter Asa Fox in Yellow Knife, after possessing a First Nations girl. Asa was successful in exorcising Jael from the girl, but not before Jael tied a noose around her neck and forced Asa to watch as he hung her. Five years later Jael resurfaced, having escaped from Hell. Jael took on a personal vendetta with Asa, went after a woman named Marlene whom Asa was seeing, and began killing people.


12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

Jael makes his way into Asa Fox's wake, eventually possessing the hunter Alicia Banes, who slits the throat of Randy Bull and hangs him from the ceiling above Asa's body. When Bucky Sims realizes they are dealing with Jael, he attempts to leave the home, only to have Max Banes reveal that the entrances are warded, preventing anyone from leaving. As the group of hunters try to formulate a plan of action and find out who Jael is possessing, Jael reveals himself in the body of Alicia, taunting the group before smoking out of the body and retreating up the fireplace.

Jael snaps the neck of Elvis Katz and makes his retreat.

Unsure if there are any other people in the house, the group splits up into pairs to search. Elvis Katz goes off by himself to get a drink for Lorraine Fox. When he returns with the drink, Dean comes barreling through the door. While he tries to assure Lorraine that he is not possessed, Jael reveals that he has taken possession of Elvis. As Dean and Jael begin to fight each other, Jael reveals that Hell is a mess with neither Lucifer nor Crowley in charge. When Dean begins to perform the exorcism rites, Jael chooses to snap Elvis' neck, turning it 180 degrees around; he smokes out of the body and retreats upstairs.

As Sam is making a devil's trap, Jody approaches him and begins making a paranoid plea that Mary is possessed by Jael. When Sam tells her she doesn't sound like herself, Dean figures out that Jody is possessed. Jael breaks the ruse and has a laugh, telling Sam and Dean that he had hoped he could have made them kill their own mother. As Jael laughs, Sam and Dean both rush him, only to be swatted away. Mary takes out Asa's angel blade and rushes Jael, however she is only able to injure his arm before Sam holds Mary back, preventing her from killing Jody. Bored, Jael claps his hands and sends everyone in the room falling to the ground. One by one Jael approaches the hunters, taunting them about what he has learned from possessing them. He reveals Lorraine's hate for her son's lifestyle, Alicia and Max Banes being Asa's children, and how Jody thought she could have a serious relationship with Asa. Finally he forces Bucky to reveal that he was the one that actually killed Asa; Jael blames him for taking that away from him, claiming Asa was his. Sam begins the exorcism rites, only to be telekinetically thrown into the wall. Dean attempts to continue it, but Jael sends him flying through the parlor doors. Alicia and Max pick up the exorcism but are also knocked away by Jael. Finally Mary is able to complete the ritual, forcing Jael out of Jody and sending the demon back to Hell.