Jack Wilcox

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Name Jack Wilcox
Actor Charles Shaughnessy
Dates December 22, 1909 – 1972 (killed by Mary Campbell)
Location Lawrence, Kansas
Occupation Medical assistant
Men of Letters (formerly)
Episode(s) 1.10 Suspicious Minds


Jack Wilxox was a former Men of Letters. A native of Biloxi, Mississippi he was recruited into the Men of Letters on January 1, 1939. Prior to his expulsion, Wilcox was assistant to Porter J. Hobbs and oversaw every aspect of building the medical lab at the Lawrence, Kansas Men of Letters Clubhouse, for which he received special recognition for following through with his motto, "Everything in its place."

Wilcox was formally removed from the organization on September 1, 1953 for experimenting on humans after being exposed by Henry Winchester. These experiments involved removing the mind control Akrida stingers from their victims, which the Akrida did not take kindly to learning about. However, due to being warded, the Akrida turned their attention to his wife Dorothea, leaving her in a coma after an attack in 1957. Wilcox, determined to save his wife, put her in a suspended state until he could finally save her by using Akrida stingers to transfer her consciousness into a new body.


1.10 Suspicious Minds