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Name Jacinda
Actor Alex Sturman
Dates  ???? – 2019 (killed by Rowena)
Occupation Witch
Episode(s) 15.06 Golden Time


Jacinda was the oldest daughter of the Witch Mother. Growing up, Jacinda would torment her sister Emily, doing unspeakable things like turning her invisible for a week or trying to sell her soul to a demon.


15.06 Golden Time

Jacinda is sent by her mother to ransack Rowena's apartment after news of her death spreads, to try and steal away Rowena's secrets. Unfortunately, Rowena's apartment is protected by a powerful hex that will kill anyone who enters it without Rowena's permission. As Jacinda tears through the apartment, she begins to feel disoriented and starts to bleed from her orifices before finally dropping dead.

When Dean arrives to rescue Sam from the witches, Jacinda manifests as a ghost and attacks Dean. Before she can cause more harm, she is struck down by Eileen Leahy and sent into Rowena's apartment. There the two ghosts fight, with Jacinda getting the better of Eileen. While Jacinda is preoccupied with strangling Eileen, Eileen tells Dean to burn her body. Dean empties a bottle of liquor on her corpse and sets it on fire, laying Jacinda to rest once and for all.