Irv Franklin

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Name Irv Franklin
Actor Paul Rae
Dates  ???? - 2013 (killed by a demon)
Location Eugene, Oregon
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 9.02 Devil May Care


Irv is a hunter and an older friend of the Winchesters and Bobby Singer. Irv once worked a case with Bobby that involved werewolf Siamese twins in Canada.


9.02 Devil May Care

Dean places a call to Irv, telling him about the fallen angel situation and tells him get the word out to other hunters. At some point he is kidnapped by Abaddon and tortured into giving up the names and whereabouts of the hunters Pete and Tracy Bell. Along with Tracy, Irv was used as bait to lure the Winchesters to Eugene, Oregon. Once freed, Irv planned to take on the demons himself in order for Sam, Dean and Tracy to make their escape; feeling it was his fault that they were in the predicament they were in. He is however killed by a sniper not soon after confessing to Sam his guilt.