Infrared Thermal Scanner

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Infrared Thermal Scanner

Tool used by ghost researchers to detect and verify cold spots and monitor fluctuations in temperature within rooms. The ITS is a non-contact thermometer that sends out an infrared beam that hits a surface and bounces back giving the temperature of the object it hits.

Pad of Definitions (1.14 Nightmare), Official Website

1.14 Nightmare

Dean enters the hallway. Checking the coast is clear, he pulls an infer-red thermal scanner from his pocket and turns it on, shining it into rooms as he passes. As he reaches the end of the hall he hears footsteps coming up the stairs and hastily hides the scanner. Sam appears.
Dean: Well, if there was a demon or poltergeist in there you think somebody would have noticed something? I used the infer-red thermal scanner man, and there was nothing.

1.16 Shadow

While investigating Meredith Jane Allen's apartment, Sam takes out the infrared thermal scanner while Dean talks about the police's initial investigation. Sam finds nothing on the scanner, but Dean traces out a symbol purposefully left by the creature they're hunting from the blood on the floor.