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Kompilasi Fanfiction Supernatural Indonesia is a blogsite for the Supernatural fanfiction of Indonesian fans.

It was started in 2009 and features fanfiction about the show in a range of genres, and in both Bahasa Indonesia and English.

The blog was started from a discussion thread in Lautan Indonesia Forum which was called "Compilation of Supernatural Fanfic Indonesia"-Kompilasi Fanfic Supernatural Indonesia. The thread was made in early June 2008 by RED_dahLIA and its main purpose was as a place for Indonesian Supernatural fanfic author to publish their works, get constructive criticism and generally share their love for Supernatural fanfic. The first fanfiction posted there was titled "First Meeting" -Pertemuan Pertama by RED_dahLIA.

As of Deceber 2009, there are more than 70 fanfics from various genre and rating posted on the thread and the number is still growing. Most of them are one shots, though you can also find several multichaptered fanfics. Those fanfics are gradually being copied to the blog after undergoing some editing process. The blog also contains some fanfics written by non-Lautan Indonesia member. The blog administrators would like the blog to be the home of all Supernatural fanfics by Indonesian fans and they accept all kinds of fanfic, as long as it is written by Indonesian fans.

The contributors of this blog are RED_dahLIA and Oryn. In addition to posting their own fanfics, they also serve as editor, blog administrator and blog designer.

The authors who have joined and have published their fanfic in this blog are Ambudaff (2 fanfics), Baladewa88 (2 fanfics), Charmed4ever (1 fanfic), Duckie (4 fanfics), Etha M.R. (4 fanfics), ferrari_saemonosuke (1 fanfic), Ilma_Arifiany (2 fanfic), INDah (1 fanfic), Joel W (1 fanfic), Lady_Mannequin (1 fanfic), Nenok_Cuantik (2 fanfics), Oryn (9 fanfics), RED_dahLIA (9 fanfics), tee-tah (1 fanfic), and Thunderbirdie (3 fanfics). (December 2009)