Incredible Hulk

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Name The Incredible Hulk
Bruce Banner
Actor Lou Ferrigno
(1978 TV series)
Eric Bana
(2003's Hulk)
Edward Norton
(2008's The Incredible Hulk)
Mark Ruffalo
(2012's The Avengers)
Dates May 1962
Occupation Superhero
Episode(s) 5.08 Changing Channels (Unseen)

Incredible Hulk

One of Marvel Comics' most recognized superhero characters created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Pad of Definitions (2.17 Heart), Official Website

A result of gamma radiation exposure, Bruce Banner transforms into this creature when he is angry. The Hulk is affiliated with the Avengers, a group of modern society Superheroes managed by Iron Man. Depending on the media, incarnations of this creature may include: Red Hulk, Grey Hulk, She-Hulk. The Incredible Hulk is extremely strong, surpassing human limits. His strength escalates as he gets angrier, allowing him to exhibit other abilities. He can even leap over buildings if sufficiently provoked.


2.09 Croatoan

Dean refers to the Hulk while he and Sam debate whether to kill Duane Tanner who they suspect is infected with the Croatoan virus.

Dean: For what? For him to Hulk out and infect somebody else?

2.17 Heart

Dean: Like a really hot Incredible Hulk?

5.03 Free to Be You and Me

Hunter Tim refers to Sam's reaction to demon blood.

Tim: You're gonna drink this, Hulk out, and you're gonna waste every one of them demon scum that killed my best friend.

5.08 Changing Channels

Gabriel created a doppelganger of Lou Ferrigno's the Incredible Hulk and told Hulk to kill Bill Randolph, a hot-tempered man. This doppelganger was not seen on screen.

Dean: Bana or Norton?
Kathy: Oh, no, those movies were terrible. The TV Hulk.
Dean: Lou Ferrigno.
Kathy: Yes.

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