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One of the most prevalent forms of visual art in fandom occurs in the forms of icons (or avatars). These 100x100 pixel images are used in communities such as LiveJournal or Twitter when a user posts or comments.

On LiveJournal users may have over 100 icons. Some users have a unique default icon, while others will wear a different icon for every occasions. Some icons will reflect the emotion or content of a post or comment, others are simply chosen for their aesthetic or humorous appeal. Icons may also be animated.

Any image or text or graphic may be used as an icon. In the Supernatural fandom, icons are drawn from images or quotes both the show as well as appearances by the actors. Icons may be based on images from fanart or quotes from fanfic.

Icons are generally free to be used by anyone, providing the original artist is credited.

There are many supernatural icon communities, some of which run challenges where for example icon makers will be given a theme or group of images from which to produce an icon.

Making icons with acerbic comments is a common fandom response to wank.

Examples of icon types. The variety is endless. Hold cursor over image for artist and details.

1. Directly illustrating an aspect of character or plot related to Supernatural
icon by carmendove icon by lostmemento icon by graphixebonio icon by anteka

2. Use a quote from the Show

3. Use a quote from another Show
icon by phangurrl quote from Firefly

4. Use fanart
green-ghost from The Dean Show by urdsama

5. Are an obscure in-joke

6. Reflect an emotion
icon by tinamishi

7. Relate to an internet meme
icon by thereisnosp00n based on macro format

5. Are pretty
icon by dirsi