Horn of Joshua

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Name Horn of Joshua
Manufacturer God
Powers Power of God
Location/Owners Men of Letters Bunker
Episodes 11.18 Hell's Angel

A shofar. The Horn of Joshua. Touched by the hand of God.

Noel, 11.18 Hell's Angel


The Horn of Joshua is a ram's horn that was touched by God and used by Joshua in the Battle of Jericho to crumble the walls surrounding the city and conquer the Canaanites.


Lucifer absorbs the power from the Horn of Joshua.

11.18 Hell's Angel

Crowley is able to track down the Horn of Joshua in the An-Nafud Desert in Saudi Arabia. He meets a man named Noel, who made a deal with Crowley almost ten years prior. In exchange for the Horn of Joshua, Crowley promised to destroy their contract freeing his soul. Upon receiving the Horn of Joshua, Crowley destroys the contract, however he snaps Noel's neck and causes his own men to shoot themselves before leaving.

With the Horn in possession, Crowley rendezvous with the Winchesters and the three formulate a plan. Crowley tells the Winchester's he will only give them the Horn if they summon and trap Lucifer to expel him from Castiel's vessel and but him back in the Cage. The Winchesters argue that they need Lucifer to stop Amara, but Crowley is steadfast with removing Lucifer from the equation. After summoning and trapping him, Lucifer shows to be more formidable when the warding and holy fire eventually fail. Lucifer is able to gain possession of the Horn of Joshua, and as he is about to deliver a killing blow, Amara bursts through the doors of the abandoned church. Lucifer then proceeds to absorb the Horn's power, and directs it towards Amara, hitting and engulfing her in a bright white light. But when everything settles, Amara appears still standing and unfazed by the attack.

In the Bunker, Dean theorizes that the Hand of God must be used by one of God's chosen if it will have any effect on the Darkness. Which explains why it had no effect on Amara when Lucifer used it because he was cast out.

Horn of Joshua in Lore

According to Joshua 6:1-27, the Israelite army marched around the walled city of Jericho once a day for seven days along with the Ark of the Covenant. On the seventh day, the army marched around the wall seven times and on the seventh pass the priests blew their ram's horns causing the walls surrounding the city to crumble, allowing the Israelite army to enter the city and slaughter every man, woman and child. Sparing only the Canaanite Rahab and her family, for her helping in sheltering spies of Israel.

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