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Destiheller Banner by ExorcisingEmily

Destiheller is a pejorative term coined to describe those viewed as extreme fans of Destiel. It has been reclaimed to some extent by Destiel fans themselves in February 2014 as a badge of honor. The term is a portmanteau of Destieler (one who ships Dean and Castiel as their OTP) and Hell, and has come to be a play on the fact that Destiel is a "match made in hell," literally, as Castiel raised Dean from hell. The image frequently adopted by Destihellers is one of pirates (a "rogue ship") or a motorcycle gang.

This group wants Destiel to be made romantically canon and they frequently campaign for it, tagging many official accounts in their quest for it just in case the writers forget. It is not uncommon to see negativity towards Sam (and Jared Padalecki) among the Destiheller ranks. They also often conflate their quest for a canonized ship with the cause of queer representation. Antis consider this behavior to be spamming. See Destiel for a further discussion of "queerbaiting."

They are engaged in an endless and bloody war with Bronlies.


On Tumblr, "Hate Tags" are employed by fans disgruntled with ships, characters and celebrities. Ostensibly these are to act as a content warning, allowing fans avoiding negativity to bypass the hate, but they have become fandoms of their own dedicated to hating the object of their ire more than sharing any unified ideology. "Destiew" is one such Hatedom, and is responsible for coining these and many other terms within the shipping wars. Destiew is a portmanteau of Destiel and ew, the informal expression of disgust or disdain.

  • [1] - TV Tropes definition of Hatedom
  • [2] - The Destiew tag on Tumblr

USS Destiel

Destihellers became a popular term for the "pirates" of the USS Destiel, following what many fans took as negative commentary about Destiel during Jus In Bello Italy 2014 by Jensen and Jared. While some on both sides of the fandom divide took their commentary to mean Destiel would never be made canon, others decided that canon or not they would continue to enjoy their ship in fandom and interpret the subtext within the show. Declaring themselves a "rogue ship," Destihellers trended USSDestiel on Twitter and spread it to Tumblr, encouraging Destiel fans to continue enjoyment of their ship regardless of negative perceptions.

  • [3] - USS Destiel is declared a pirate ship
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Anti-Destiel fans equating Destiel to a fandom disease ranging from Cancer to Ebola to Herpes has been a long-standing insult, but in January 2015 anti-Destiel fans coined the term "Destilence," a portmanteau of Destiel and Pestilence. Continuing the trend of re-appropriating negative terminology humorously, Destiel fans embraced and then lampooned this term, discussing the signs and symptoms of Destiel and warning signals that you might be "infected." Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your side of the shipping wars), Destiel fans "like the disease."

  • [6] - Fan-created informational brochure on signs and symptoms of Destilence


Dessies by lostloona

Similar to Destiheller, Dessies is a pejorative used when negatively discussing Destiel fans, that has been adopted within the Destiel fandom. Destiel fans have taken it as a pet name/nickname, relating the term to "Nessie," the Loch Ness Monster. Also used has been "Detestieler".


By 2020, Hellers had become the most widely used form of the term most widely deployed by those who oppose them.

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