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Name Unknown
Actor Lane Edwards
Dates Before humanity – 2015 (killed by Amara)
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 11.03 The Bad Seed
11.09 O Brother Where Art Thou?

This is a time for all angels to pull together, put aside our disagreements and show the big bosses how to save Heaven from being taken over; cos it’s grunts like us who’ll get kicked aside. Believe me. The Darkness has a plan for every one of God’s creations.

– Head Angel, 11.09 O Brother Where Art Thou?


After the Darkness was released, this unnamed angel gathered other angels together to lead an attack to take down Amara.


11.03 The Bad Seed

At a bar with few customers, one man in a suit is sitting at the bar looking up when the angel walks in. The man at the bar stands up staring down the angel flashing his eyes black, prompting the angel to drop an angel blade from his coat sleeve. They stare each other down when finally the demon sits back down at the bar and the angel approaches and joins him. The angel and demon then share a drink and commiserate over the current states of Heaven and Hell after the release of the Darkness, revealing that neither side knows what is going on exactly, only that it is big. They lament the expendable nature of their roles, and continue drinking. The angel and demon both agree that whatever it is that is out there now, it has the power to destroy both Heaven and Hell, and if their respective leaderships won't do anything about it, then it is up to them -- the "little guy" to fight back. They toast the sentiment, and the angel orders another drink.

11.09 O Brother Where Art Thou?

The unnamed angel has gathered together a group of angels on Earth at an auto body shop, he urges the angels to pull together and do what the leadership won't -- take the fight to the Darkness to ensure Heaven's survival. An angel named Daniel is skeptical that the Darkness could takeover Heaven, saying that Amara's beef is with God, and not them, suggesting He should be the one to deal with the Darkness. The angel reminds Daniel that God isn't around anymore, and that Amara will most likely want to destroy anything God had ever made. He tells the other angels to spread the word, get past their differences and stand united against the Darkness.

While Dean and Amara are having their meeting, the angel appears in the field along with two others wielding angel blades. He orders Amara to surrender to them and the judgment of Heaven, Amara denies the order telling the angels that if they want her, they should have God come and fetch her. Another angel, Daniel, warns her that if she resists the entire force of Heaven will rain down on her from the sky and smite her in a single unified blow. Dean attempts to diffuse the situation, telling the angels innocents will be killed. But the head angel tells him, they have reached the point where sacrifice is inevitable. The head angel strides forward and Amara holds up her hand, as if to ward him off. His eyes go white and his grace explodes from his body as he dies. The second angel steps forward but stops, as if he’s run into an invisible wall. Amara compels him to stab himself through the chin with his own angel blade, killing him. The third angel makes a move, as if he is about to flee, but Amara with a wave of her hand turns the angel into dust. Lightning flashes overhead, and thunder claps as Dean and Amara look skyward, as the clouds darken and swirl. Amara gives a look of concern towards Dean, she flicks her hand and he disappears. Amara raises her arms to the sky as a blaze of holy light envelops her and the ground explodes.