Harper Sayles

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Name Harper Sayles
Actor Maddie Phillips
Location McCook, Nebraska (formerly)
Occupation Librarian (formerly)
Episode(s) 14.06 Optimism


Harper Sayles was the librarian in McCook, Nebraska, a small town which Harper adored living in and where her family had lived in for generations. Harper comes from a long line of necromancers, and is the last in her family. She uses her ability in necromancy to kill and bring back her high school boyfriend, Vance, who had intended to leave their small town. After killing and bringing Vance back to life, Harper lets herself be courted by various men so Vance could feed off them to maintain his deceased body. When Vance is finally put to rest by Dean and Jack, Harper leaves McCook for the wider world, and possibly vengeance/love.


14.06 Optimism

An optimistic Harper walks to her work in her small town of McCook, Nebraska, opening the library for the day. While putting books back on the shelf, she is startled by Winston Mathers, who checks to see if they are still on for dinner that night. They are surprised by the other library employee, Miles, who brandishes a stapler in an attempt to protect Harper. When everything calms down, Harper sends Winston off, telling him they will have a nice time at dinner.

When Winston's mysterious death catches the attention of Jack and Dean, the two arrive in McCook and learn of Harper and how unlucky she has been with the men in her life. Dean attempts to question Harper as an FBI agent, pressing her for information until Jack arrives and sends Dean away. Impressed by his chivalry, Harper tells Jack she has the perfect book for him and takes him to her apartment to retrieve it. At her apartment, Jack attempts to test Harper with silver, holy water, and Christo, to no avail. Sitting down, Harper tells Jack about her life in McCook and her string of bad luck, but how she tries to stay optimistic about it. As she asks Jack if he wants to get a coffee, Dean barges in through her front door, telling them something is stalking Harper -- her zombie ex-boyfriend Vance -- who breaks down the door. Jack and Harper run to safety while Dean tries to stop Vance.

Arriving at the library, Jack and Harper attempt to hide. Harper however, unlocks the door and lets Vance inside. She reveals herself to be a necromancer, and Vance's killing and eating of the men in Harper's life is a game they play as a couple, as well as a means for Vance to maintain his zombified body. As Harper sics Vance on Jack and Dean, Jack attempts to appeal to Harper's romantic needs, telling her how he can love her for her, despite that she has tried to kill him, which angers Vance who charges towards Jack. While Dean and Jack are struggling to restrain Vance, Harper is able to slip out the door and escape.

At a diner, Harper writes Jack a love letter telling him how she will have to kill him for what he did to Vance, but that she can then bring him back to life and they can be together, promising to see him soon she ends her letter "Love, Harper."