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Name Hansel
Actor Mark Acheson
Dates  ???? – 2015 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Pendleton, Oregon
Occupation Servant
Episode(s) 10.12 About a Boy


Hansel was the basis for the eponymous character in the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, "Hansel and Gretel." While based on a true story, the ending was far less happier as the wicked witch Katja survived her encounter with Hansel and his sister Gretel, and forced them to become her servants. After enduring torture, Hansel willingly gave himself over to Katja, cementing his loyalty by eating Gretel's heart after she attempted to escape. Hansel would go on to serve Katja for centuries, kidnapping children and later transforming adults into children, for both of them to eat.


10.12 About a Boy

After being thrown out of a bar, J.P. walks to his car and is jumped from behind by Hansel, who grabs the hex bag that is hanging from his neck, causing a beam of light to illuminate the parking lot as J.P. screams. A homeless man runs over to the noise and encounters nothing but a pile of clothes where J.P. had stood.

After talking with Tina about J.P. going missing, as well as their similar childhoods, Dean notices Hansel follow her out of the bar. As Dean follows, he hears her scream and sees a white light appear. Dean pulls out his pistol and rushes over to a smoking pile of clothes by the dumpster. As he examines it, Hansel comes up behind him. Before Dean can react, Hansel activates his hex bag, rendering Dean a teenager.

After Dean escapes from a basement to go get Sam and save Tina, Hansel arrives and takes her from her cell upstairs. When Sam and Dean arrive back at the house, Dean goes to look for Tina while Sam looks for another way in. When Dean begins to feel Hansel watching him, he slowly advances, but is soon attacked. As Hansel has Dean in a choke hold, Sam arrives and pistol whips him in the head with his gun, causing him to fall on the floor. With their guns pointed at Hansel, he tells them Tina is upstairs and explains how he is the Hansel from "Hansel and Gretel", and how he has been forced to work for the witch, Katja, for centuries, doing horrific things for her. He explains to them how to reverse the spell placed on Dean and Tina, by squeezing the hex bag around his neck, and that he would like to help them finally kill the witch. As he leads them upstairs to the kitchen, where Katja is preparing to cook Tina, Katja reveals that she never forced Hansel to do anything, prompting him to attack Sam and Dean, subduing them.

Sam is able to get free, and knocks Hansel to the ground. As Katja attacks Sam, Dean tackles Hansel, but Hansel is able to overpower him. As Hansel goes to touch the hex bag around his neck, he realizes it is missing. He turns around to find Dean holding it, who reverses the spell and becomes an adult again. Dean then grabs a knife and plunges it through Hansel’s chest, killing him.