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Name Hannah
Actor Erica Carroll
Lee Majdoub (10.17 & 11.02)
Dates Before humanity - 2015 (killed by Efram)
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 9.18 Meta Fiction
9.22 Stairway to Heaven
9.23 Do You Believe in Miracles?
10.01 Black
10.02 Reichenbach
10.03 Soul Survivor
10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls
10.17 Inside Man
11.02 Form and Void

Being on Earth, working with you. I felt things, human things – passions, hungers. To shower, feel water on my skin, to get closer to you. But all of that was nothing compared to what I felt when I saw him. Her husband, his anger and his grief. Caroline was inside me screaming out for him, for her life back. These feelings they aren't for me, for us. They belong to her. I know it's time to step aside... Goodbye Castiel.

– Hannah, 10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls


Hannah is an angel who, after the fall of the angels to Earth, takes over a vessel called Caroline Johnson. Later she is spared during the massacre of a group of angels that refused to join up with Metatron. Metatron reveals to Castiel she was allowed to live as a means to tell the tale of what happened. She later becomes his second-in-command in his army to defeat Metatron and though she defects to Metatron's side after believing Castiel was sacrificing angels for his cause, she aided him in retaking Heaven after Gadreel sacrificed himself to release Castiel from Heaven's prison and convince her to help. Following the return of the angels to Heaven, Hannah began working with Castiel to track rogue angels on Earth and convince them to return to Heaven. After an encounter with her vessel's husband, Hannah chose to return to Heaven so that her vessel could return to her normal life.


9.18 Meta Fiction

When he arrives at the location, Hannah first attempts to sneak up on Castiel and kill him. However she fails and begins to beg Castiel for mercy, Castiel tells her he won't hurt her, and asks her what happened. She tells him she heard a sound, which reminded her of Heaven and began to follow, meeting other angels along the way. Once they got to the location, she tells Castiel that they felt safe, until the door slammed shut and an angel -- Gadreel, makes the angels an offer to join Metatron and fight, for the chance to return to Heaven. Some joined, but Hannah and her friends refused to believe Gadreel, and so they slaughtered by him with Hannah being the only survivor of her group. Castiel then heals Hannah of her injuries, and hearing about how he stood up to Bartholomew, she asks Castiel if he is going to lead the angels against Metatron. He refuses to be a leader but reassures her that he is going to find Metatron and make him pay, and that the best thing for her and the other angels to do is to stay as far away from him.

Later when Castiel uses the Horn of Gabriel, Hannah is one of the first angels seen at his motel door.

9.22 Stairway to Heaven

When Castiel builds an army, Hannah acts as his second-in-command and is shocked by Tessa's accusations that Castiel set up the suicide bomber angels. Hannah forces Dean to disarm himself of an angel blade and is furious when Dean appears to have killed Tessa with the First Blade. After Metatron's broadcast revealing Castiel's dwindling stolen grace and offering amnesty if they abandon Castiel. Hannah, her faith in Castiel shaken, asks him to kill Dean for Tessa's death as proof, but when Castiel refuses, Hannah abandons him for Metatron with all of his followers.

9.23 Do You Believe in Miracles?

Castiel and Gadreel try to sneak into Heaven to find and shatter the angel tablet, the source of Metatron's enormous power, Hannah sees through the deception and locks them in Heaven's dungeon. Castiel and Gadreel try to convince her to help them, but she asks why she should since Gadreel only cares about himself and Castiel lied about not a single angel was going to die anymore in the fight. Despite Castiel's assertions that killing Metatron will stop the violence, Hannah is unconvinced until Gadreel kills himself to free Castiel, asserting that protecting humanity is more important than anything else. Hannah is finally convinced and at first tries to aid Castiel in finding the tablet by interrogating another angel until he sends her away. After Castiel breaks the angel tablet and broadcasts Metatron's true intentions over "angel radio," Hannah rushes into Metatron's office with a bunch of other angels and overpowers Metatron, saving and freeing Castiel. Hannah is pleased when Castiel chooses to lock up Metatron rather than killing him and calls Castiel a true leader for it. Castiel informs her he only wishes to be a regular angel and Hannah reminds him that he will soon die unless he replenishes his depleting grace.

10.01 Black

Hannah shows up at Castiel's doorstep asking for his help in finding two rogue angels still on Earth, that have killed another angel. When they are able to locate the angel's camp, and speak with Daniel, who tells them his and Adina's reasoning for wanting to stay on Earth, but Hannah still persists that they must return to Heaven to face the consequences of killing another angel. When Adina arrives and refuses to go with Cas and Hannah, Hannah picks up her angel blade and engages in a fight with Adina. During the fight Adina is able to injure Hannah, and after Castiel kills Daniel to save her, Adina slashes him across the chest and flees.

As Cas and Hannah are driving after the confrontation, Hannah continues to insist that Heaven needs order, but Castiel says that the chaos on Earth can produce good things - "art, hope, dreams, love" - which Hannah points out are "human things."

10.02 Reichenbach

After Hannah heals Castiel of his wound suffered at the hands of Adina, Castiel thanks her and tells Hannah she does not need to stick around any longer as she doesn't owe him anything. Hannah tells Cas she knows that, but wants to stay with him and help anyway. After getting a phone call from Sam, where Castiel learns of Dean's demonhood, Hannah and Castiel get back on the road and head to Beulah, North Dakota to meet with Sam. On the road, Castiel falls a sleep behind the wheel, crashing the car, and forcing himself and Hannah to spend the night at the tow truck drivers home. The next day they get back on the road, with Hannah insisting it is better if she drove. As Castiel rests, Hannah decides to take a detour to Heaven, where she meets with Metatron and demands to know if he used all of Castiel's grace in his spell. Metatron tells her there is enough grace left, and he would be willing to give it to her, in exchange for his freedom. Before Hannah can answer, Castiel arrives rebukes the offer, claiming he has made his peace with his fate, and it is his choice. Hannah apologizes to Castiel and leaves the Heaven's prison.

10.03 Soul Survivor

Hannah and Castiel become lost while looking for the bunker. Cas' condition is notably worsening, and Hannah even suggests using another rogue angel's grace to keep him alive. However Cas declines on the suggestion. Hannah continued to beg Castiel to care about himself and Hannah briefly grabbed his arm, hinting towards her romantic affection to him, much to her awkwardness, then quietly watched Castiel telling Sam over the phone that killing Dean may be the only option. Later, at a gas station, Castiel made it clear that there couldn't be anything more between them, understand Hannah's developing feelings for him. Inside the gas station Adina attacked them both, even torturing Hannah for causing Daniel's death, until Crowley arrived, killed Adina and fed her grace to Castiel as Hannah watched in horror.

Hannah voluntarily leaves her vessel Caroline Johnson.

10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

Hannah begins experiencing increasing human emotion, developing stronger feelings for Castiel and taking a shower just for the enjoyment of the sensation. Finding another possible rogue angel to track down, Castiel and Hannah prepare to leave their motel when Hannah is confronted by Joe Johnson, the husband of her vessel Caroline Johnson who tracked her through Hannah's use of Caroline's credit cards. Hannah is stunned to see him and when Castiel comes in, tells Joe that "she: was having an affair with Castiel and left Joe for him. To prove this, Hannah kisses Castiel passionately and they leave.

At a gas station, Hannah is disturbed by her actions, pretending to have an affair with Castiel to get Joe to leave rather than erasing his memory. While she knows it was the right thing to do, Hannah is confused by why it feels so bad. Castiel tries to comfort Hannah by telling her about how he had to take his own vessel, Jimmy Novak away from his family twice and while its difficult, its necessary as the mission must come first. When Castiel turns around for a moment, Hannah leaves.

Castiel finds Hannah on a bridge in a park where she explains that she's done on Earth. Hannah decided to put the humans first again and to start by returning her vessel to her normal life. Hannah explains that in her time on Earth she's felt many human things but has realized that those feelings aren't for angels after feeling what her vessel felt upon seeing her husband. Hannah kisses Castiel on the cheek and then leaves Caroline and returns to Heaven.

Following Hannah's wishes, Castiel returns Caroline to her husband and what happened with Hannah and Caroline causes him to look up his own vessel Jimmy on the Internet.

10.17 Inside Man

When Castiel tries to return to Heaven to get Metatron in hopes of finding a way to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean, Hannah refuses him access and takes over another angel's male vessel to speak to Castiel in spite of swearing she'd never take another vessel again. Hannah argues that Metatron is too dangerous to let go which they know is the only way he'll help Sam and Castiel and summons three more angels when Castiel won't back down, forcing him and Sam to leave.

After Bobby Singer breaks out of his Heaven and releases the various other Bobby Singers, Hannah tries to get them to return to their various Heavens but Bobby incites the other Bobby's against Hannah and the angels, allowing him to slip past. After Bobby helps Castiel break Metatron out, Hannah travels to his Heaven to take him for punishment.

10.18 Book of the Damned

When Metatron is questioning Castiel what he plans to do when he gets his grace back and has no more of Heaven's messes to clean up, he tells him that Hannah has restored order, and that Heaven is running as smooth as it did when God was running things.

Hannah is killed by Efram.

11.02 Form and Void

Just as Efram is threatening Castiel with castration if he doesn't give up Metatron location, Hannah bursts through the door and orders the two angels to leave her and Castiel alone. Cas asks Hannah to heal him, but Rowena's spell is too powerful and is preventing Hannah from healing him. Hannah tells Castiel about the disturbance in Superior, Nebraska and that alarms that have never gone off before in Heaven are now sounding, and is uncertain what the alarms even mean. Castiel tells her that the Darkness was released, that it's not a myth and was locked away since the dawn of creation. When Hannah begins pressing Castiel on where it is and if the Winchesters would know anything, Castiel realizes that Hannah is working with Efram and Jonah and her rescuing him was just a ploy.

Efram and Jonah reenter telling Cas that the Heavenly Host had a vote and Hannah was only doing her job, and they will be taking a new course of action by hacking his brain. As Jonah is placing spikes in Castiel's skull, Hannah begins to protest, stopping Efram from sticking anymore spikes in Cas. Efram retaliates by knocking Hannah to the ground and kicking her, telling her the next time she interferes he will kill her. The sight of this incites Cas, who breaks free from his chair and knocks Efram off Hannah. As Hannah gets to her feet, Efram stabs her in the back of the head with an angel blade. Castiel, furious, takes his blade and stabs Efram, killing him and avenging Hannah's death.


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