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Name Hael
Actor Grace Phipps
Dates Before humanity - 2013 (killed by Castiel)
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here


Hael is an angel that fell to Earth, after Metatron implemented his revenge to rid Heaven of the angels. She claimed to have created the Grand Canyon when she last was on Earth. Her vessel was a 19-year-old girl called Gloria Lewellen Jacobson (as seen on a death certificate in 9.03 I'm No Angel).


9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Hael was the first angel to encounter Castiel on Earth. Upon Castiel telling her that she is free to do whatever she wants on Earth, she tells him that she would like to visit the Grand Canyon, which she made during her last visit on Earth. When Castiel tells her he plans to go meet up with Dean - leaving her behind, she knocks him unconscious and kidnaps him. While travelling on the road, she reveals that her vessel is deteriorating, and plans to take Castiel's vessel once they reach they Grand Canyon. Castiel notices that she is not wearing her seat belt, and once he straps himself in, grabs the wheel and causes the car to crash, jettisoning Hael through the windshield. Castiel climbs out and approaches her, finding that her vessel's body is broken beyond repair. He tells her he doesn't want to hurt her, and wants to help all angels. Believing the best option is for her to possess him, Hael threatens to inform the angels hunting for Castiel of their location on angel radio unless he consents to her, prompting Castiel to kill her with her own angel blade.

Hael in Lore

Hael is the angel of kindness, whose domain is to inspire art, beauty and kindness in mankind.