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Name Gregor
Actor William Vaughn
Dates  ???? – 2020 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Location Hell
Occupation Demon
Episode(s) 15.13 Destiny's Child


Gregor was a demon minion of Rowena's in Hell.


15.13 Destiny's Child

Upon travelling to Hell to seek out Rowena's help in finding the Occultum, Sam and Dean cross paths with Gregor, who tells them they shouldn't be in Hell. When they tell him they are looking for Rowena, he reveals that Rowena is holding a reception for newly condemned souls, which visibly annoys Gregor, before agreeing to take the Winchesters to her.

While leading the way, Sam and Dean realize that they are in a trap, as two female demons appear behind them. Sam takes out his angel blade, while inside an empty throne room Gregor produces his own blade. Sam attacks Gregor, while Dean dispatches the female demons, Sam gets the upper hand on Gregor and forces the demon to reveal that Sister Jo made a deal with them to kill the Winchesters in exchange for helping Gregor and his accomplices escape Hell. After refusing to answer why Jo wanted them dead, Sam plunges his angel blade into Gregor's chest, killing him.