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Name Gottfried
Actor Matthias A. Brunert
Dates  ???? – 2016 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Occupation Thule Society High Command
Episode(s) 12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For


Commandant Gottfried was one of the Thule High Command and a member of Adolf Hitler's inner circle


12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For

Gottfried along with the other Thule members prepared an airplane hanger for Commandant Nauhaus's arrival with the descendant of Hitler, Ellie Grant. Using Nauhaus as the vessel, Wolfgang, Hans and Gottfried performed the ritual known as "Das Blut" to bring back Hitler. Once Hitler was resurrected, he greeted the Thules around him. He then demanded that his descendant be fed to the dogs. Gottfried informed him that they had no dogs, to which Hitler loudly ordered him to get some.

When Sam and Dean Winchester attempted to sneak in and interrupt their plan, Wolfgang and Hans were the ones to intercept them and take their weapons. While the Thule were preoccupied with the Winchesters, Ellie managed to grab Sam's gun and shoot Hans in the head, killing him. Dean then grabbed Hans' gun and used it to kill Wolfgang, Gottfried and Hitler. Gottfried's body was later burned by the Winchesters and Ellie alongside the other dead Thules to prevent them from being resurrected.