Gideon Loughlin

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Name Gideon Loughlin
Actor Justin Turnbull
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Occupation Witch
Episode(s) 12.11 Regarding Dean


Gideon Loughlin was a witch and member of the powerful Loughlin family. A hundred years ago, the Loughlin family made their way from Ireland to a small town on the Mississippi Delta, where they amassed great power through the use of the Black Grimoire. The family was eventually killed by hunters, leaving Gideon, Boyd and Catriona Loughlin as the surviving heirs to the Black Grimoire.


12.11 Regarding Dean

While at a bar waiting for his food, Dean Winchester is able to recognize Gideon from a photo found in the deceased Barry Gilman's office. He follows Gideon out the back door and confronts him, but is knocked to ground by Gideon's magic. Dean gets up and is able to get a shot off, hitting Gideon in his abdomen. A wounded Gideon is soon being chased through the woods by Dean. Gideon stops at a tree to make a call to one of his siblings, tell them they have to leave, before Dean is able to catch up to him and fire a shot, narrowly hitting Gideon, continues running. Dean soon catches up to Gideon who is up against a tree with his back to Dean, turning around he reveals he has drawn an ancient Celtic Druidic glyph with his blood and yells out "Dearmad!" (forget) as the glyph lights up in a purple glow and blast of energy hits Dean, knocking him unconscious.

Later, as Sam and Dean are retracing his steps in hopes of finding Gideon and reversing the spell he has placed on Dean, Dean finds his corpse a few feet away from where he was hit with the hex. After Sam and Dean leave to figure out a new plan, Boyd and Catriona Loughlin arrive and retrieve his body. Back at the Loughlin residence, Catriona prepares Gideon's body to be resurrected using the Black Grimoire. When Sam arrives at the home, and threatens Catriona with the witch-killing bullets he is quickly incapacitated and restrained, so Boyd can perform a ritual to swap Sam's soul for Gideon's and resurrect him.