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The Ghostfacers website appeared on The CW site,a week before 3.13 Ghostfacers aired in April 2008. It contained video interviews with all the of the Ghostfacers: Harry Spengler, Ed Zeddmore, Maggie Zeddmore, Spruce and Corbett.

Ghostfacers original website

The videos from the website featured on the Season 3 DVD.

In 2009 they started their own site Ghostfacers. Their videos, including the instructional video watched by Sam and Dean in 4.17 It's a Terrible Life can be viewed there.

In April 2010 with the premiere of the Ghostfacers Web Series, vistors to the website could "Join the movement". On registration, fans received the following email:

Join The Movement

Upon receipt of this email, please print the following statement, sign it, and keep it for your records.

I, ___________________ , accept and affirm the existence of ghosts, specteres, apparitions, and their assorted manifestations thereof. Moreover, I accept and affirm the logical probability of vampires, vengeful spirits, ancient curses, Zoroastrian hoodoo, devils, demons, ghouls, gargoyles, witchcraft, lycanthropes (videlicit: werewolves, wererats, werebeasts in general) et. al. &c. and, moreover, that it is our duty to face them.

Hereupon and henceforth, however, I hold blameless and indemnify completely Ed Zeddmore, Harry Spengler, Maggie Zeddmore and Kenneth Warren Spruce for any and all trauma, both physical and mental, that might befall my person as a result of being exposed to the shadow world.

Agreed to and accepted by:

________________________ (Sign and date here)