Gerald Browder

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Gerald Browder.jpg
Name Gerald Browder
Dates 1976 – 2011 (killed by Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, and Bobby Singer)
Location Hammonton, New Jersey
Occupation Air-conditioning repairman
Mottled wretch
Episode(s) 7.09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters


Gerald Browder was a resident of Hammonton, New Jersey. He owned an air-conditioning repair business called Browder AC. After eating the Turducken Slammer at Biggerson's, he transformed into a mottled wretch — losing the majority of his previous 235lbs bodyweight.


7.09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

Gerald murders and eats a glamping couple — Mitchell and Leann Rayburn — in the Wharton State forest, causing Sam, Dean, and Bobby to investigate. They discover that 4 other people have went missing in the town in the past 3 weeks, the state troopers chalking it up to a rogue bear.

Gerald in his mottled wretch form.

After Assistant Chief Ranger Phil goes missing in the forest, Chief Ranger Rick Evans apathetically tells Sam and Dean who go with Bobby to search for him. They find his body dangling from a tree and call to alert Ranger Rick.

When Rick arrives, he's blasé about Phil's death and doesn't notice the monster stalking through the trees until he is grabbed and whisked away further into the forest to be killed and eaten. Bobby shows off his hunting skills by closing his eyes, pointing his gun upwards, and shooting. The shot hits Gerald and he falls from the tree, still grasping Rick's arm.

Assuming that Gerald is dead, Sam, Dean, and Bobby take him back to the house they are squatting in to examine his body. However, when they lay him down on a table, he suddenly reanimates and Sam, Dean, and Bobby shoot at him until he falls back onto the table, dead this time.

Dean removes Gerald's wallet from his pants to ID him and Sam reads: "Gerald Browder, uh, lived here in [Hammonton], 5'9", brown hair and blue eyes... 235 pounds." His recorded weight is surprising to the hunters, given his gaunt figure.

After examining one of the bullet holes and finding gray goo, Bobby and Sam perform an autopsy on Gerald's body. They discover the gray goo in copious amounts all through his body, strange stomach contents (chunks of Rick, a pinecone, a pack of gum still in the wrapper, chunks of either Phil, Mitchell, or Leann, and a cat's head), and an extremely swollen adrenal gland.