George Darrow

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Name George Darrow
Actor John Lafayette
Dates  ???? - 2006 (killed by a hellhound)
Location Greenwood, Mississippi
Occupation Artist
Episode(s) 2.08 Crossroad Blues

What, you boys think you know somethin' about somethin' but not Goofer dust?... Hoodoo. My grandma taught me. Keeps out demons.

– George Darrow, 2.08 Crossroad Blues


George Darrow is a talented painter and is also a person that is being pursued by hellhounds after making a deal with a crossroads demon at a place called Lloyd's Bar. The deal that he made with the crossroads demon in November 1996 granted him artistic talent in exchange for his soul in ten years time.


2.08 Crossroad Blues

When Sam and Dean meet him, he regrets his deal, saying that he should have wished for fame rather than talent. No one wanted his paintings and he ends up broke and alone. He also regrets that the demon stayed around after his deal was made, making deals with other people in the bar, including Evan Hudson. After the demon left, he also kept an eye on Sean Boyden and Dr. Silvia Pearlman who became famous because of their deals.

It is George who informs Sam and Dean as to the use of Goofer Dust, a hoodoo method for keeping away evil that he learned from his grandmother.

As of now, he is presumed dead.