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Name George
Actor Bryan Cuprill
Location Portland, Oregon
Occupation Leviathan
Personal assistant
Episode(s) 7.16 Out with the Old


George is a Leviathan and assistant to Joyce Bicklebee, another Leviathan who took on the identity of a Portland, Oregon real estate agent in order to buy up property for Dick Roman's enterprises. She is irritable, and has eaten four previous assistants who displeased her.


George after having his head dumped into a bucket of borax.

7.16 Out with the Old

Joyce Bicklebee is responsible for acquiring a series of properties that the Leviathans intend to build on, but some of the existing owners are hesitant to sell.

When she sends George out to buy her a grande non-fat no-whip white mocha, one pump sugar-free, double-shot espresso, he spots Sam, and immediately reports the discovery to Joyce. Joyce refuses to let George eat Sam, saving the honor for herself. She and George set a trap for both brothers using Scott Freeman as bait. They fight the brothers, but George helps Sam find borax and then a sword, with which Sam decapitates Joyce.

George tells Dean and Sam that he wants to eat Joyce who was so rude to him. He also informs the Winchesters that they need to look at the big picture to determine the Leviathans' intent. He reveals the real estate they were purchasing in Portland was in order to build a research center to find a cure for cancer. "We're only here to help," he says.