Gem of Ursitoare

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Name Gem of Ursitoare
Manufacturer Ursitoare
Powers Allows users to see their fate.
Location/Owners Lawrence, Kansas (Men of Letters Clubhouse)
Episodes 1.09 Cast Your Fate to the Wind


The Gem of Ursitoare is a gemstone blessed by the Ursitoare, Romanian gods of fate. The gem had been used by the Il Soarta vampires, but was missing for centuries. At some point was found the Men of Letters and kept in a special locker under the Men of Letters Clubhouse in Lawrence, Kansas.

The Il Soarta had been threatening experts for years in their hunt to retrieve the Gem of Ursitoare.


The gem is set in a gold amulet, and has the ability to tell the future. Once the gem is pressed to flesh, it will burn the user and show a person's fate. The Il Soarta used the gem as a means to choose victims as well as who was worthy to join their ranks.


1.09 Cast Your Fate to the Wind

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