Frank Kellogg

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Name Frank Kellogg
Actor Craig March
Dates  ???? – 2018 (killed by Nick)
Location Montauk, New York
Occupation Police officer (retired)
Private security
Episode(s) 14.07 Unhuman Nature


In 2009, Frank Kellogg was the beat cop assigned to Nick's neighborhood in Pike Creek, Delaware. On the night of Nick's wife and son's death, Frank answered a call from Sarah about a possible prowler on their property. Walking up to the house, he was greeted by a man who called himself Abraxas, who took possession of Frank and used his body to viciously murder Nick's family. Left bloody and confused, with no memory of what happened, Frank would quit the police force and move into private security in Montauk, New York.


14.07 Unhuman Nature

After getting his name from the journalist who initially reported his family's murder in Pike Creek, Nick travels to Montauk, New York, where he confronts Frank Kellogg about the night of the murder. When Nick tells him he is from Pike Creek, Frank becomes visibly nervous, and when he attempts to slam the door on Nick, Nick forces his way into Frank's home.

After being tortured, Frank maintains he doesn't remember the night in question. Nick explains he knows of the police cover-up and how Frank left town after the murders. Frank continues to maintain ignorance of the night until Nick takes a knife and prepares to stab Frank. Frank then reveals that Nick's wife called about a prowler and he tells Nick about blacking out after meeting a man named Abraxas on the path to the house. Despite realizing that Frank was possessed and is not to blame, Nick still feels that because Frank's hand was used to murder his family, he cannot let that go, and he proceeds to bludgeon Frank to death with a hammer.