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Name Fortuna
Actor Lynda Boyd
Location Alaska
Occupation Roman Goddess of Fortune and Luck
Episode(s) 15.11 The Gamblers


Fortuna is the Roman Goddess of Fortune, who created a pool hall in the middle of Alaska known as Lurlene's, where people can come and bet their luck for a chance to gain more using a special coin. Fortuna would skim luck from the players until it was gone, ultimately causing their deaths. Fortuna preferred to hide in plain sight in the pool hall as a woman named Moira, who was seeking more luck to bring her sister out of a coma. This allowed her to get a better read on the various players that entered her hall.

Fortuna has a son, Pax, born of a human father, who gives out the special coins to the patrons of the pool hall.


15.11 The Gamblers

Fortuna surveys Lurlene's as a player named Moira, looking for more luck to bring her sister out of a coma. She plays a game with Dean in order to get a read on him as a player, and ends up losing.

Realizing that Fortuna is behind the game and has been skimming luck from the patrons, Sam and Dean lure her out by threatening to kill her son, Pax. They demand she gives them the luck she took. Fortuna shows indifference to her son being killed, telling Pax she could always make more sons. Dean then offers up a game with Fortuna, which she declines, having already played him and found Dean to be nothing more than a "skimmable beach read." Instead, she looks to Sam, believing he could be an interesting player. Dean initially refuses, but relents after speaking with Sam. Sam attempts to play for the freedom of everyone in the bar, but Fortuna only accepts if Sam plays for his and Dean's lives, wanting to make an example of them after they'd threatened her son.

During the game with Sam, he is able to get Fortuna talking after revealing he and Dean have been cursed by God. Believing their plight, she welcomes them to the club, and explains the origin of the gods to them -- another of Chuck's creations, made to take the blame for the ills of humanity. The distraction of talking proves enough for Sam to win the game and regain his and Dean's luck. Before Fortuna evens up with the Winchesters, she makes one more offer -- the luck of heroes like Hercules, Cú Chulainn, and Gilgamesh for one more game with double or nothing stakes. Sam agrees, but only if Fortuna returns the luck of everyone else in the bar. Confused as to why Sam cares so much for them, she agrees and has him rack up. Fortuna wipes the floor with Sam, reminding him that he challenged the Goddess of Luck in her own place, before letting Sam and Dean leave.

While the Winchesters walk back to their car, planning to come up with a way to kill Fortuna, the bar begins to empty. The two are approached by Evie, who tells them that Fortuna "shut it down" because of Sam and Dean, whom Fortuna deemed to be true heroes -- a kind she thought went extinct. She has Evie relay a final message to not play God's game, but make him play theirs, before bestowing the luck of heroes unto them through their coin. However, Fortuna doesn't grant them extra luck to the point that they could win the lottery, instead restoring their luck to its original state before God "downgraded" them. Sam suggests that it was because Fortuna saw them as true heroes and maybe heroes don't get all the shortcuts in life.

Fortuna in Lore

  • Fortuna is the personification of luck in ancient Rome. She is depicted as blind like Lady Justice, except she holds no balance. She is also a goddess of fate known as Atrox Fortuna.