Fiona Duncan

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Name Fiona Duncan
Actor Christine Gavin-Bartlett
Dates  ???? - 1723
Occupation Ghost
Episode(s) 12.13 Family Feud


Fiona Duncan was the girlfriend of Gavin MacLeod in 1723 Scotland. When Gavin planned on leaving for the New World, Fiona wanted Gavin to take her with him, and wouldn't take no for an answer. On the night Gavin was kidnapped by Abaddon, Fiona was to meet him at his room to try and convince him to let her go with him. But, when she saw Gavin was nowhere to be found, snuck aboard and stowed away on the ship and hid. However, Fiona was soon found out and subjected to scorn, abuse and rape from the passengers, one of which was her childhood teacher who told Fiona she deserved what happened to her, creating a deep-seated hatred in teachers she would take with her into the afterlife and lead to her killing teachers/child authority figures in 2016/2017.


12.13 Family Feud

Six Months Ago
A teacher in Andover, Massachusetts, is doing her nightly ritual before going to bed. As she lays down and prepares to go to sleep, Fiona's arms pop out from under the woman's bed and begin squeezing her midsection until her internal organs are crushed and is killed.

Present Day
A male teachers body is found with his tongue ripped out and internal organs crushed outside the Historical Society of America Museum in Des Mines, Iowa – another victim of Fiona. Soon after Sam and Dean catch the case Fiona strikes again, killing a Timber Troop leader in the bathroom of the museum. When Sam and Dean arrive at the museum, they quickly realize they are dealing with a ghost. As they investigate to figure out what the ghost might be tethered to in the museum. Dean realizes the ship Sam is looking into is the same one Gavin MacLeod was to die on in 1723. After tracking Gavin down, he is shown a manifest of all recovered items from the wreck and notices a locket that he gave to Fiona, which has been taken by Fiona and placed in the jacket of a teacher who lead a field trip that day from the Pembroke Day School for Girls.

Fiona and Gavin reunite as he is sent back to 1723.

At the school, Fiona makes her presence known to the two female teachers, impaling one of them and killing her. Before she could kill the second, Dean bursts through the door and shoots her with rock salt. With Fiona temporarily incapacitated, Sam and Dean have Gavin try and communicate with her. Sitting the study, Gavin calls to Fiona who appears as a decrepit ghost, before changing into a more human appearance. The two have an emotional reunion where Fiona tells Gavin of the pain and suffering she endured when he left her and she snuck aboard The Star. Afterwards Sam and Dean tell Gavin Fiona still needs to be stopped and talk of destroying her locket. But Gavin cannot get over the murders that she committed, prompting Sam and Dean to suggest he go back in time and prevent her from becoming a ghost. Gavin agrees and at the Men of Letters Bunker Sam performs the spell and as Gavin is sent back, Fiona's ghost appears next to him and the two disappear in a flash of light.

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