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Fic Facers Coppertone Parody Ad for 2019.

Fic Facers is an international group of authors and artists who love Supernatural, offering a thank you to people who agree to donate to Random Acts, by creating a fan fic or art piece for the highest bidder on each artist or author.

How It Works

You browse our collection, select an author or artist, chose from whatever options are offered, and make your bid. During the auction period, our website will be updated regularly with the current highest bid, (though this will not happen instantly). Feel free to bid as many times, on as many authors and/or artists as you like.

Once you win an auction, you send the winning bid amount to Random Acts as a donation and present your official receipt to us in order for you author or artist to commence with your fic or art. Your fic or art is then posted, or sent electronically, when it has been completed after the end of the auction period.

Regarding Your Charitable Donation

We are a strictly non-financial organization. All members of upper management and the Flight Team are unpaid volunteers. All payment of donations goes directly from the bidder to Random Acts. Read more about the money, or read our sexy Affiliation Disclaimer.

Our Next Auction Opportunites

  • Our next Auction will run for two weeks in June of 2019. Dates yet to be determined, the current catalog on our site is a work in progress.
  • The 2018 Auction ran from November 19th - December 3rd and raised $1,175 USD!
Fic Facers Cola Parody Ad for 2019.
Fic Facers Got Milk Parody Ad for 2019.

Cast & Crew 2019

People to Blame

  • Julia Houston—Author, Head Lunatic in Charge (New Orleans, USA)
  • redheadshenanigans / Claire Stefanelli, Author, God of the Chat (UK)
  • Gio—Rebel Artist (Brazil)
  • SoulSurvivor_36—Graphics Witch (Canada)
  • Lysel Gyo-Za Katz—Social Media Seraph


  • CATCURL (Australia)
  • Deannamb (Italy)
  • Emma Esme (Australia)
  • Lysel Gyo-Za Katz (France)
  • KayRoseBee (Rhode Island, USA)
  • Rosyopal (Austria)
  • Shameeka (Mumbai, India)
  • Trickmarch (Germany)
  • uddelhexe (Germany)


  • Alex Paulsen
  • AlleiraDayne
  • Caged_Heat_40 (USA)
  • Castiel_Winchester22
  • CastielsCarma (Sweden)
  • Couyfish
  • cutelittlekitty (Michigan, USA)
  • Destiel_ness (Germany)
  • Gaildunn2
  • In-Genius (Germany)
  • Internetname (Noneyourbiznes, USA)
  • Jensenite
  • Kirabaros
  • LadyShadowphyre
  • lotrspnfangirl (New Hampshire, USA)
  • Mod Soul, Plotbunny Fairy (Germany)
  • ncsupnatfan (North Carolina, USA)
  • palominopup (Alabama, USA)
  • Peggy Peters
  • redheadshenanigans
  • Rodinia
  • Seralina (USA)
  • Sinshine71 (beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  • SoulSurvivor_36 (Canada)
  • StarlightofFandoms
  • thepopeisdope (Washington, USA)
  • Thatwinchestergirl67
  • TobytheWise
  • VioletlyVanilla (Oceania)
  • vipjuly

Flight Team

  • Clara Houston—Bitch Wrangler, USA
  • Arielle—Consultant, USA
  • Aubrey (@
  • Castielslostwings
  • Dorota Pieracka (Poland)
  • Isy Barrett (California, USA)
  • lotrspnfangirl
  • palominopup
  • Shylo Ferguson
  • Sinshine71
  • StarlightofFandoms
  • vipjuly

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