Father Reynolds

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Name Father Reynolds
Actor Denis Arndt
Location Providence, Rhode Island (Our Lady of the Angels)
Occupation Priest
Episode(s) 2.13 Houses of the Holy

Well, I like to think of them as more loving than wrathful; but yes, a lot of scripture paints angels as God's warriors. 'An angel of the Lord appeared to them, the glory of the Lord shone down upon them, and they were terrified.' Luke: 2-9.

– Father Reynolds, 2.13 Houses of the Holy


Father Reynolds is a priest at Our Lady of the Angels in Providence, Rhode Island.


2.13 Houses of the Holy

When several of his parishioners have been killed by people who experienced visions of what they believe to be an angel, Sam and Dean visit the church to ask questions. Sam asks the priest about the true nature of angels when he sees a painting of Michael.

Father Reynolds's fellow clergyman Father Thomas Gregory was shot on the steps of the church, and Sam and Dean suspect that he is a vengeful spirit directing people to kill. Sam performs a seance in the church to speak with the spirit, and Father Reynolds catches him as the spirit appears. He speaks to the spirit of his friend, and tells him that he is going wrong and needs to move on. He then administers last rites, and the spirit goes to rest.