Father Lucca Camilleri

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Name Father Lucca Camilleri
Actor Massi Furlan
Dates October 20, 1966 (born)
Location Valletta, Malta
Occupation Priest
Episode(s) 13.15 A Most Holy Man

It's not about luck, son. It's about effort. All the time, I hear people saying the world's not perfect. And they're right. It's not. But do you use that as an excuse? Do you use it to excuse your own sins? Your failings and your laziness? Do you use it to give a bad man power, because the world's not perfect? Or do you work? Do you try and improve things in whatever way you can? Guys, the world will never be perfect, but if good men do good things, it can be better. Every day can get better.

– Father Lucca Camilleri, 13.15 A Most Holy Man


The son of Davide and Cecily Camilleri, Father Lucca Camilleri is a priest from Malta who was given the honorary title apostolic protonotary supernumerary by Pope Francis on July 14, 2013 and declared un uomo santissimo or "a most holy man." He studied under the Holy Sisters of Malta Monestary just blocks from his childhood home and he spent the last 20 years doing charity work all over the world, including Africa and South America. When the skull of St. Peter was stolen from its ancestral home, Father Camilleri was tasked with traveling to America to retrieve the holy relic.


13.15 A Most Holy Man

Seeing that Sam may have found a clue in Antonio Miele's hotel room, Farther Lucca panics and strikes Sam in the head with a telephone and takes the scrap of paper. As he exits the hotel, he is followed down an alley by Mr. Cromarty, who knocks him unconscious and steals the scrap of paper. Shortly after, Sam and Dean find his unconscious body and take him to the hotel lobby to question him.

The Winchesters learn that Lucca is a priest. He explains that the skull of St. Peter was stolen from a monastery in his small village, and he has come to America to try and buy the skull back, but feeling he has failed, Father Lucca tells the brothers he just wants to go home. However, Sam and Dean decide to help Father Lucca get the skull back.

Driving in the Impala, Father Lucca tells the brothers he remembered the numbers on the scrap of paper Sam found; Sam figures out that the numbers are a tracking number for a package sent from Valletta. The three drive to an Express Couriers, where they witness Mr. Cromarty leaving with a package. They follow him to a warehouse where the skull is being auctioned to the highest bidder. While Sam tries to infiltrate the buy, Dean and Father Lucca wait behind in the Impala for Sam's signal, and discuss the nature of God. When Sam is captured, Dean and Father Lucca jump into action, with Father Lucca providing distractions while Dean takes down the guards around the warehouse. As Dean heads into the warehouse, he tells Father Lucca to sit tight; he obliges and offers a prayer for Sam and Dean. As a fire fight erupts in the warehouse, Father Lucca remains praying outside, but soon decides to enter the building where he saves Dean from being shot by Mr. Cromarty, getting grazed by a bullet in the struggle.

The next morning, the Winchesters see Father Lucca and the skull off at an airport. Before he leaves Sam questions him about being given the title apostolic protonotaries supernumerary. Lucca tells them it really means nothing and is just a title given for doing good works by the Pope. When the brothers express surprise that he has met the Pope, Father Lucca tells him that he was called un uomo santissimo, "a most holy man." Realizing his blood is a key component for their spell, they ask Father Lucca for some of his blood, which he gladly provides.