Fandom Chronicle: 2009

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  • 1.25: Kim Manners, executive producer and director on Supernatural, dies of lung cancer. Supernatural fans first heard it on January, 26 from Jim Beaver, who posted the devastating news on his blog. The Supernatural fandom reacts with shock and grief. To read reactions to Kim's death, go to the Superwiki page on Kim. Donations in his name may be made to The American Cancer Society at
  • 1.28: TV Guide puts the CW schedule on their listing grid again, thanks to numerous calls from Supernatural fans. Source
  • 1.31: The episode 4.13 After School Special is mentioned on the imdb frontpage, which is just about a premiere. Source


  • 2.1. In its third week, Jensen's movie, My Bloody Valentine, is still in the top ten of the movie box office, grossing a total of $ 44.6.
  • 2.1. The SPN J2 Big Bang sign-up for writers is closed. Posting of stories will begin June, 8.
  • 2.4. In the Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural has found a release date. The Bella Books website offers an excerpt of the book as well as essays from the competition entrants who didn't make it into the book itself.
  • 2.6 Fandom Rocks extends its "Promote it!" campaign over hiatus. - Fans are encouraged to get creative and send evidence to Fandom Rocks. Cinequest is providing prizes and will judge the contest entries. Source]
  • 2.21: Fandom Conspiracies: Fandom cracks up like crazy about rumors surfaced first a couple of months ago in the yellow press, once more fuelled by Ted Casablanca's Blind Items (Source). Anons mention Jared's name, and all moves on to a thread on spnsecrets, going extremeley ugly (not to mention conspirancy-paranoid) from there.


  • - The annual Michael Shanks Online Auction, which benefits multiple sclerose patients in Canada, also offers various Supernatural-related items, among them signed magazines, DVDs, photos, etc.
  • 6.8: SPN J2 Big Bang opens with a posting schedule that brings daily fics until August, 14.Source
  • 6.22: The Hollywood Reporter reveals a new fandom interest tracking system called [Fandex - apparently, they aren't so much as tracking the internet, but the activity on their own subsites.
  • 6.23: Supernatural is nominated for the Amy Awards, as well as in several categories for Television Without Pity's Tubey awards. Source. Vote for the Tubey's here.
  • 6.24 - Fandom as a whole (not just the Supernatural fandom) is involved in a discussion about header warnings and triggers. As to every discussion there are several sides to the story - the discussion mainly evolves around when, what and how to warn of story elements that could trigger victims memories. More detail in this collection of posts.


  • 09.10 - The SuperWiki Twitter suggested to twitter #luciferiscoming, to promote the season 5 premiere. Soon, #luciferiscoming was leading the trending topics on Twitter. Puff Daddy and others started to twitter #Godishere, to counter the perceived satanic threat. Twitter finally banned both topics, but not before Supernatural got a lot of attention, recognized not only by Kripke, but also in the news.
  • 09.10 - The Season 5 episode airs, and shows fangirl Becky Rosen writing on a Wincest story, thus making Supernatural probably the only show ever acknowledging gay, incestuous porn.


  • 11.7 - The "Changing Channels" free for all meme was started by clex-monkie on LJ and produced fics after the premise of just aired 5.08 Changing Channels, in which Sam and Dean are channel hopping to other tv shows than portrayed in the episode, among them Leverage, The Vampire Diaries and Glee.Source